System Administration – Multiple gazetteer files can be be selected for processing which removes the need to import each file manually (3.74)

Description Multiple gazetteer files can now be selected for processing rather than selecting and processing files individually. The following rules apply when selecting multiple files for processing: A combination of AddressBase Premium FULL, COU and LLPG FULL and COU files are not permitted when processing multiple files Files cannot be imported if there are duplicate or missing volumes The number […]

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B2B Student / B2B Open – Enable student/carer matching based on GUID (3.73)

Description A new true/false parameter has been added in the System Administration | System Defaults area called GUIDMATCH. This is set to True by default. The setting allows incoming student / carer records to be matched by GUID where one exists in the import file. A new tag value called <GUID> has been added to the <SuppInfo> and <Contacts> containers […]

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Citizen Portal WALES only – Lookup tables can now be edited in Site Text Resources with both English & Welsh translations (3.73)

Description Administration | General Administration | Edit Site Text Resources Lookup tables for drop-down lists can now be edited in Site Text Resources. Translations can be made in both English & Welsh. v4 client | Tools | Lookups A new column called Portal Resource Required has been added to the lookup tables to make the lookup item available in the […]

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