Hints and Tips for this Website

This website contains documents for the One Education products.  The Home page (Full Document Library) contains all the documents on the website.  Other pages show only documents relating to the title of that page.  Those pages can be accessed in the top options and sidebar menu.

Use the tables | Website Search | Open Documents

Also see Finding Documents for a Release

Use the tables

Filters:  These allow you to narrow down the results in the table of documents to only those options you have selected.

For example, if you want to find all documents for a particular product, select it in the Product Filter.  This list then only displays all documents relating to that product.  You can then further filter by Release and or Document Type.  Or you can just filter by document types, such as Release Notes.

To return the original table, click Reset.

Sort: The tables are sorted by last updated order so you can see all the most recently updated documents first.  However, you can click on any of the other column headings to sort them by that order.  They first sort ascending alphabetically, if you click again, they sort descending.

Search: Use the search field above the table to find a document with that title.  It will search the full title for the text you enter and narrow down the results as you enter text.  Remove text from the search field to return to the original table.

Website Search

There is a full website search at the top of screen.  This will search the documents on the website and their contents.  However, as the technical guides are not stored on this website, but in My Account, the contents of those documents are not searched.

If you know the name of the document you are searching for, or just part of the name, it is easier to use the Table Search field above the table on the Full Document Library page.

Open Documents


When you click on a document, if it is a pdf it will open in a new tab in your browser.  If it is a technical document it is stored on My Account as it contains confidential information and therefore you must be registered on My Account to open it.  You are therefore asked to login before you can open those documents.


Spreadsheets don’t open in a new tab, they download onto your pc/device.  In some browsers you are prompted about the download, in others it just downloads and may sit at the bottom of your screen to open it.  This sometimes causes confusion as you may not be aware that it has downloaded as it doesn’t open automatically.

Technical Documents

Technical documents are stored on the on the Capita Software Support Portal and require an account to access them.  When you click on a document you will be taken to the portal where a login page will open if you are not already logged in.  You can then click on the attachment on the right in the KB article to open the document.