One Education Client Replacement for Silverlight components (3.73)


The release provides One Education Client Replacement for Silverlight components.  This includes all delivered changes included within feature update 1 (3.72.002) and full release versions of the software delivered in feature preview 2 (3.72.008), along with new module changes to the One Education Client. 

This release includes the following modules:

  • Admissions and Transfers
  • Bases
  • Administration
  • B2B
  • Portal back office
  • CSS (Children’s Support Services)
  • HI/VI (Hearing Impairment, Visual Impairment)
  • Governors
  • CIEE (Applications)
  • G&B (Applications)

The functionality within the modules remains the same with a small number of minor styling changes. Please note no additional training will be required.  

As Local Authorities transition to the new version, they are able to determine the availability of One Education Client modules in Test and Live systems by changing values in the System Defaults area of System Administration.  

Individual users or user groups can use both One Education Client and Silverlight versions interchangeably by choosing their access path.  

  • Choosing the current Silverlight URL will launch the Silverlight login and lozenge pages. Silverlight modules launched from this lozenge page will always call a browser and start the Silverlight version of the software. 
  • Selecting the One Education Client app from the windows desktop will start the One Education Client login and lozenge pages. The lozenge page will display all licensed modules like Silverlight but only modules configured as active in system defaults will launch in One Education Client all other modules will launch in their native technology.  

NOTE: Not all modules presented in the Silverlight lozenge page use Silverlight Technology, i.e. Transport, Citizen Portal Admin, Professional Portal Admin, System Administration, One Analytics and One Insight. These all launch from this page in their own technologies and are not affected by these changes and will always start in the same way no matter which lozenge screen the user starts from.   

Known limitation of this release   

  • Accessing Exclusions via the lozenge in the One Education Client will require users to log in again before the Silverlight application opens.  


Install and Configure One V4 Core Components (3.73)

Install Capita One Education Client (3.73)


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