SEN – New Schedule Task for updating Provision Records (3.73)


When a new financial year is created or a new charge rate is created against a service provider, all provision records need to be updated with the new calculations. If this happens immediately, whilst the system is updating the provision records a timeout can occur, preventing the records from being updated.

Scheduled Task

Creating a Scheduled Task with an action of Update Provision can manage this process more efficiently. This means that when the LA adds a new financial year or charge rate, the provision update process won’t run immediately.  Instead it is run based on when the LA has defined it to run in the scheduled task. Having this process run as a scheduled task means the time out will not happen and the financial year will be successfully created alongside updating the provision records.

If no scheduled task is created, the provision records continue to be updated immediately.

Notification and Provision Update

When a new charge or financial year is created, the user is notified that the provision will be updated when the scheduled task runs and when that will be.

The new charge record is created against the Student Provision, but only the Cost Per Unit column is updated.  Once the scheduled task has run, the other fields are updated with the new calculations.

Workflow Messages

A workflow message is generated after the scheduled task has run.  If the task ran successfully it states Provision records updated. If it is not successful it states it has failed and provision records have not been updated. If the task fails, it will need to be set to run again.

Document Updated

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