Address Management with WAV (Web Address Validation)

Intended for:

ONE IT Support who currently support the Data Officers who use the B2B: Student module in ONE

Data Officers who currently use the B2B: Student module to import data into ONE

SIMS Officers who currently support the B2B file transfer from SIMS to ONE

Session length: 2 – 3 hours


The School’s management information system SIMS has the ability to validate addresses against an external system as they are entered. The SIMS user can choose to validate new addresses, as they are added, or those already in the system. To validate an address, the user activates a validation button, causing SIMS to send an address validation request over the internet. The routing of the request is controlled by the set-up configuration specified by the SIMS system administrator. Currently all SIMS address validation requests are sent to a national address validation database, whose address catalogue has been supplied by the DfES.

Some Authorities are finding that the detail of the addresses held in the national database is different to that of their own addresses held in ONE. As a result, not all the validated addresses exported from SIMS are recognised when they are imported in ONE. This gives rise to extra work within the authority to resolve any differences between the addresses stored in ONE and those from the national database.

To help with this, the One Web Address Validation service has been created to provide an alternative to the national database for SIMS address validation. It will respond to an address validation request from SIMS by providing addresses that have been retrieved from the One address tables.

This WebEx will introduce LA’s to this service and how to configure it within the One system to enable Local Authorities to use this for their Sims Schools.

What will be included:

  • Overview of How WAV works
  • Configuration in One
  • Configuration in Sims