A&T Importing Online Applications

Intended for:

One Support Staff

Admissions Team Members

Session length: 2 – 3 hours


This session will be useful as a refresher or introduction for new team members who are involved need to process e-applications from the Citizen Portal for School Admissions

With the majority of applications being submitted from online applications understanding this part of the module is a major step for a successful admission round.

What will be included:

  • Rules for online applications – The rules and controls an authority has for the frequency of incoming applications
  • Matching children – Why incoming children are unmatched and share best practice for matching a child
  • Multiple applications – During the session a demonstration of how the new multiple applications screen works which offers application comparison for all admission groups
  • Changes to applications – Using the verification flag
  • Suspense – Address suspense and how the data is imported and why it happens
  • Exception Messages – Hints and tips for weeding out the key messages
  • New Reporting Options – Changes have been introduced to capture copies of email content into tables, and copies of summited applications.
  • Q&A/Workshop– Time to ask the consultant queries specific to your local authority and for the consultant to share good practice from our experience with other customers.