A&T New User Overview

Intended for:

One Support Staff

Admissions Team Managers

Admissions Team Members

Session length: 2 – 3 hours


This session will be useful as a refresher or introduction for new team members who are involved in the processing of School Admission places within the LA. This webex will introduce colleagues to the v4 Admissions Back Office database and go through the various screens to see where key data is located and processed throughout the period of an Admissions year.

What will be included:

  • Business Process – Review of the ‘Admissions Cycle’ and In-Year applications.
  • Transfer Groups  overview for the different cohorts of children, with their associated Sub-Groups of schools and their Oversubscription criteria
  • Applications – how to manually add application details against children and import applications submitted online
  • XML Files – Overview of the sorts of XML files and when and why they are used
  • Offer Routines – How places are allocated to schools
  • Other Routines – Overview of Population, Validation and post allocation routines.
  • Post Offer Processes – dealing with Parental Acceptances, Appeals, Waiting Lists
  • Q&A Workshop– Time to ask the consultant queries specific to your local authority and for the consultant to share good practice from our experience with other customers.