Better Start Overview

Intended for:

One support staff

Better Start Data Collection Team

Performance Monitoring and Reporting Officers

Session length: 2 – 3 hours


This session will demonstrate the functionality of the Better Start module, showing the method used to create Gradesets, Aspects and Templates, populated by age related Child level assessment data at the point of measurement at either the Provider they are attending, or an associate. Demonstrating how Better Start can be used to more efficiently record details of both issued and adhoc assessments to facilitate LA and Provider reporting.

Current Processes to collect time critical assessment data, and use this to identify needs and trends are often incomplete.

Better Start will remove the need for Local Authorities to collect assessments via a combination of manual processes, and enable the Local Authority to collect and analyse real time progress, developmental and attainment data for 0-5 year olds directly from the providers.

What will be included:

  • Attainment Data – Understanding how Templates are built up using: Gradesets, Age Mappings and Aspects.
  • Issuing Assessment Tasks – Create and manage Tasks for Better Start submissions.
  • Messaging – Local Authority and Provider view of Messages.
  • Matching Children – Why incoming children are unmatched and share best practice for matching child.
  • Adhoc Assessments – Providers self-issue Assessments.
  • New Reporting Options – Changes have been introduced to allow Providers to run their own (LA provided) reports.
  • Q&A/Workshop – Time to ask the consultant queries specific to your Local Authority and for the consultant to share any tips or advice