Children in Entertainment & Employment New User Overview

Intended for:

ONE Data Officers who will be responsible for using the Children in Employment and Children in Entertainment (CiEE) modules to create Employment/Entertainment and Chaperone licences.

Session length: 2 – 3 hours


The children in entertainment and employment (CiEE) module is used to record and manage data for students who are either employed or taking part in performances and recording details of people who chaperone those performances.  There are a number of licences which can be produced using this module.

This WebEx is an introduction on how to create basic Employment and Entertainment applications for students and how to add Chaperones to the system.

What will be included:

  • Overview of the module – explanation of the modules. Searching and navigation around the menus/screens.  Configuration of the module in the default setups.
  • Employment Applications – the process of creating an application for a work permit for a student including entering working hours, licence conditions and generating the licence.
  • Chaperones – the process of adding a new chaperone onto the system in order to use them in the Entertainment applications which includes Checks & Referees.  Also, how to add a parent/carer as a chaperone for a performance for their own child.
  • Individual Entertainment Applications – process of creating an application for an individual student for a performance including setting up a performance schedule/licence conditions/chaperone and generating the licence. (NB there is a separate WebEx course for larger performances with multiple students).
  • Managing Employers – how to manage existing employers – including contacts/inspections and the bulk inactivity process.
  • Module Reporting – how to use the Reports Menu to produce standard CiEE reports.
  • Different Types of Licences – explanation of the different performance licences available in the Entertainment module – Bulk licence, Body of Persons Certificate and Open Licences.
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