Citizen Portal Best Practice for Phased Admissions

Intended for:

One Support Staff

Admissions Team Members

Session length: 2 – 3 hours


This session reviews the prerequisites and steps needed to implement and use the Citizen Portal for Public Applications for School Places.

It will introduce colleagues to the key differences to where customisation of text takes place either in the Citizen Portal or the v4 Admissions Back Office and will go through each of the pages viewable to a Citizen to explain how to bespoke the text on view

What will be included:

  • Application Generic Pages – how to set-up wording for the Portal Global settings, Home Page and how to add children details
  • Application Specific Pages – how to set-up wording on the Preference Pages, for schools and reasons associated with schools.
  • Application Confirmation Pages – how to set-up wording on the Confirmation view as well as warning messages for any unsubmitted Applications
  • Offer Pages – how to set-up wording for Offers made, and whether the LA allows for responses to be made by applicants to those Offers or otherwise.