Creating a CSS Service

Intended for:

LA Childrens Services

One support staff

Performance Monitoring and Reporting Officers

Session length: 2 hours


This session is designed to demonstrate best practice around creating new Services in the One v4 CSS Module.  We will discuss the various advantages and disadvantages to the various approaches that can be taken when creating a new service team.

What will be included:

  • Posts – Overview of defining key team members or professionals who need to be linked to Student, Person , or Base records
  • Service Team Definition – Defining Service Specific Lookups (Pick Lists/Drop Down Boxes)
    • Configuring Activities
    • Configuration of Provision
    • Access Control
  • Involvement Form Definition – Defining the purpose for the Involvement form
    • In depth look at how Involvements can be used
    • Service Specific lookups
    • User Defined Fields
  • Q&A/Workshop – Time to ask the consultant queries specific to your Local Authority and for the consultant to share good practice.
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