GIS within A&T

Intended for:

One Support Staff
Admissions Managers
Admissions Team Members

Session length: 2 – 3 hours


This remote training sessions works though the Admissions and Transfers (A&T) Module to show the user how geographic information system (GIS) v4 integrates with the Back Office to support individual applications, enquiries from parents and bulk measuring.

The objective is to look first at the day to day usage, then go on to the advanced areas for catchments.

What will be included:

  • Nearest School – how to find the nearest schools from a property, and navigation of the maps and icons
  • Single Application measuring – measuring single applications and preferences.
  • Bulk routines – Bulk routines for distance and catchments, and how to use pre and post allocation routines
  • Bases and Catchments – Reviewing Schools, gates and viewing catchments.
  • Importing Catchments – format required for GML files and importing data.
  • Q&A/Workshop– Time to ask the consultant queries specific to your local authority and for the consultant to share good practice from our experience with other customers.