Headcount Portal Administration

Intended for:

One Early Years Administrators who are responsible for collecting the data from the Providers.  This is aimed at either New Early Years Administrators or a refresher for existing Early Years Administrators who are currently using the system.

Session length: 2 – 3 hours


The Early Years Headcount Portal is an online product which enables LAs to pass information to their Early Years’ Service Providers to collect their student data and attendance information electronically in order to make financial payments to them.

This WebEx is to train Early Years Team Administrators on how to administer the tasks they need to send to their Service Providers to import the data transferred from them; match the students in the database and how to report on the information received.

This course is aimed at those LAs currently using the Early Years Module in v4 client for payments and the Early Years Headcount Portal.

What will be included:

  • Setting the data processing rules for the Service Providers.
  • Demonstration on how to do the following processes: –

Within the Early Years Headcount Portal –

  • Create message templates and messages to send to the Early Years Providers via the Portal.
  • Create tasks to send to Early Years Providers via the Portal.
  • Registration of Service Provider users onto the Early Years Headcount Portal and how they can enter data for existing students and for new students.
  • Submit the data to the LA.
  • LA User Admin – how to view what stage the tasks are ie ‘Not started or submitted’ via the Portal. How to message the services near to the deadline date if they have not yet submitted their information.

Within v4 Online Portal Back Office

  • Matching the students to students who are on the One system already or adding new students to the database using the Portal Back Office. Dealing with any data conflicts.

Within v4 Client

  • Viewing the data within the Early Years Funded Service Providers.
  • Generating Payments.
  • Authorising Payments.

Within Early Years Headcount Portal Administration

  • Create reports and send them to the Service Providers.
  • Viewing reports as a Service Provider.