Managing In Year Applications with the Citizen Portal

Intended for:

One Support Staff

Admissions Managers

Session length: 2 – 3 hours


With the majority of applications being submitted from online applications for phase admissions the next logical setup is to use the software to include In-Year online admissions. However, there are different challenges in managing this process

This course starts with the assumption you are using the Citizen Portal for Admissions and follows though how to extend this to your In-Year process. It addresses the challenge of adapting the current confirmation

What will be included:

  • Rules for online applications – The rules and controls an authority has for the frequency of incoming applications. Setup of the In-Year group for online
  • Multiple applications – During the session a demonstration of how multiple applications screen works which offers application comparison for changes to In-Year applications, and how to merge applications.
  • Setup – Overlap and new areas of text to setup on the Citizen Portal
  • User Defined Questions – adding and incorporating site specific questions for online applications.
  • Parental Responses – Setup of responses to parents and how the Admissions User can publish standard and individual messages to parents.
  • Q&A/Workshop– Time to ask the consultant queries specific to your local authority and for the consultant to share good practice from our experience with other customers.
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