Reporting on Addresses

Intended for:

Address Administrators

Session length: 2 – 3 hours


Address accuracy is vital in the One System for sending letters to the correct recipients, assign places for admissions, adding children to the correct Transport Route. With the use of AddressBase imports addresses can be kept up to date and new addresses added; but how can you deal with existing address that have not been maintained by the imports due to not matching or if users edit existing imported addresses incorrectly? This course will provide you the fundamentals needed to create reports to check on Address accuracy in the One System compared to the AddressBase imports.

What will be included:

  • A look at the tables used for One and AddressBase addresses
  • Linking the tables together
  • A look at Crystal reports that may be useful in keeping addresses tidy which include:
    • Addresses with a phone number
    • Inconsistent address data from AddressBase files where the same street has a different name spelling or missing information
    • Address in One with the same UPRN
    • Entities linked to the same address more than once
    • Entities linked to ungeocoded addresses
    • One and AddressBase difference on Geocoded addresses
    • Streets in One with no USRN
    • Users who have edit rights to addresses in V4
  • Q&A/Workshop – Time to ask the consultant queries specific to your Local Authority