SQL Basics Agenda

Intended for:

One support staff

Performance officers or LA report writers

Session length: 2 – 3 hours


Structured Query Language (SQL) is the basis of all reporting options within the Capita One system and a working knowledge is a significant advantage to anybody who is required to extract information from the database. This session will talk delegates through the fundamentals of SQL using Capita One data and give delegates an overview of how SQL can help with their wider report writing or alert requirements.

What will be included:

  • What is SQL and where is it used – An overview on “Structured Query Language” (SQL) and how it is used with Capita One Reporting
  • Simple SQL queries – Understanding how to extract simple information from the database
  • Sorting and filtering data – How to sort and filter your information in SQL to make it easier to view and to remove unwanted records
  • Grouping and aggregating data – Summarising your data by grouping particular data and applying counts or
  • Linking tables – Taking data from multiple areas of the system and joining it together to produce more complex SQL queries
  • Q&A – Time to ask the consultant queries specific to your Local Authority