SSRS Intermediate

Intended for:

Performance officers and local authority report writers with basic knowledge of SQL Server Reporting Services.

Session length: 2 – 3 hours


This session builds upon the SQL Server Reporting services (SSRS) Basics course to enable report writers within the Authority to produce more detailed and in-depth reports across the Capita One system for delivery to service and senior managers to drive strategic business decisions.

This session builds on making reports more flexible, by using parameter driven reporting, to reduce the number of reports required to meet service needs and therefore reduce time needed to create or make changes to reports to meet user needs or changes in requirements.

During the session you will also see how to make reports easier to navigate, or give the user more control over how they see the data and how much data they want to display.

The session also introduces graphs as a means for displaying data to provide impact or for inclusion with dashboards with options to drill further to view the underlying data.

What will be included:

  • Expressions – using expressions within your report
  • Parameters – provide more flexible reporting options
  • Interactive sorting – up or down? Let the user decide!
  • Drill down reports – exploding data on demand
  • Drill through (hyperlinked) reports – taking users in new directions
  • Document Maps – enhancing user experience
  • Matrix Reports – using a matrix to summarise data by row and column
  • Graphs – using graphs to create visual impact and dashboards
  • Q&A – Time to ask the consultant queries about how SSRS can be used to help your LA