Personnel & B2B Personnel Modules – The Personnel modules are no longer supported (3.75)


Personnel and B2B Personnel modules will be decommissioned from the summer 2021(3.75) release, both modules had at the time of the End of Life notice a very small number of active users but had been used by large numbers of customers historically. For brevity references to Personnel below will include B2B Personnel.

What happens in the 3.75 release?

The code for Personnel and B2B Personnel modules will not be included in the release media. It will no longer be possible to access personnel data through the v3 modules.

What about the Personnel data?

NO DATA WILL BE DELETED by the upgrade, any data held in the personnel tables will remain untouched.

There are 3 options when considering how your authority may choose to handle this data:

  • Use One as an archive. Customers may continue to hold this information in the personnel tables as an archive of previous personnel information. This data will be accessible by reports, these may be ones the customer currently use, or may develop against those tables for this purpose. There are no current plans to remove these tables from the One database. People linked to records contained in these tables who are also linked to other records in the database will continue to be shielded by any personnel control settings in place at the time of upgrade to 3.75.
  • Delete Personnel data. Customers may decide that they no longer have a reason to hold this data and as such they wish to remove the data from the One database. To support customers in this position we will be providing scripts which will remove all data from the personnel tables. The scripts will be made available in a KB for customers to download and run so they may do this against any future release.

NB After running the delete personnel data scripts we strongly recommend that the unattached people process in Archive and Delete is run to remove person data for any people who were only in the database for personnel reasons.

  • Extract and Delete data from tables. Clearly there is an option to extract required data from One using reports so that the extracted data can be stored in an alternate archive system prior to use of the delete scripts.

What about Personnel Control?

For records marked as an employee, Personnel Control shields selected fields held in the person table from users accessing the person user interface outside the personnel module. Personnel Control is unaffected by the deletion of data from the Personnel tables.

Personnel Control will remain available within the System Administration site and will continue to shield data for employee records. The LA has the choice to leave current shielding in place or to remove some or all shielding to suit their business requirements.

If the LA decides to maintain shielding and leave data in One, shielded data may only be accessible through reports and may not be editable within the user interface.

If shielding is removed or if the employee flag is set to “False”, data in the person record will become visible to other users of the system where they have access to the person record e.g. for carers applying for benefits or services or as professionals within those services.

Professional Services support

Should an authority require assistance to delete specific data items from the person record which were collected for personnel reasons or to write reports to meet their requirements please contact your account manager and mention Personnel Decommissioning Support.

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