B2B – SIMS8 credentials in Edit Bases screen no longer hidden (3.74)

Description Previously, the Add/Edit SIMS Primary Settings hyperlink only became visible in Bases | Edit Bases when the following key was set to True in the web.config file: <add key=”EnableSIMS8MigrationMode” value=”True” /> The key has been removed from web.config so that the hyperlink is always visible: Additionally, the Subscription Key and Secret have been encrypted in the database, although they […]

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B2B Student / B2B Open – Enable student/carer matching based on GUID (3.73)

Description A new true/false parameter has been added in the System Administration | System Defaults area called GUIDMATCH. This is set to True by default. The setting allows incoming student / carer records to be matched by GUID where one exists in the import file. A new tag value called <GUID> has been added to the <SuppInfo> and <Contacts> containers […]

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